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کشتیرانی سپید بندر مکران

Sepid Bandar Makran Shipping Services Co. is a specialist in providing sea and port freight services to a variety of Iranian and foreign ships in Chabahar Port and other Iranian ports.
according to the development and progress in the Iranian petrochemical industry, the company’s policy is based on expanding relationships with ship owners and brokers in the field of quality and specialized transportation of liquids and gases inside and out of Iran.

The company’s operational teams are composed of hard-working youths with strong perseverance as well as partners with extensive experience and deep specialized knowledge in the field, through highly experienced and practical reserves, inclusive knowledge and continuous collaboration with teams. Operations are always capable of advancing commitments and solving any problem or complexity that is difficult, sensitive and breathtaking.

Based on the comprehensive marketing and diligence efforts of the responsible management and personnel in the service of the vessels represented by a wide range of domestic and foreign customers, Sepid Bandar Makran Shipping Company has succeeded in terms of the number of vessels represented and Whether in terms of volume of export or imported products, especially in the petrochemical industry, it is always at the forefront.


This post is also available in: Persian