ISO tank services

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IISO tank is a steel container tanker which is used to carry bulk liquid products and is very popular. The ISO tank consists of a 4-foot container frame with a tanker inside of it.

This particular shape of the frame gives it the benefits of a container that can be transported by land, rail and sea.
There are various types of ISO tanks on the market, each designed for a specific purpose. Container tankers can be used to carry all the hazardous and non-hazardous liquids, including liquefied gases, flammable materials, corrosives, chemicals and toxicants.

Sepid Bandar Makran Shipping Company is proud to launch its services in the field of transportation of chemicals by ISO tank Container in Iran and cooperate with international well-known companies as agents, export and import of chemical products, transportation and Inland shipping as well as warehousing are comprehensive, regular, safe and fast services for the transportation of petrochemical liquids whether exported or imported by ISO tank Container.

It is possible to receive and deliver goods at the factory site as well as in ports, as well as domestic and foreign transit services.

Due to the many years of experience in chemical transportation and extensive knowledge of export and import companies, marketing of products suitable for container shipping has always been an ongoing endeavor to achieve complete customer satisfaction whether in the field of Economic and logistical aspects are the main goals of the company. Forwarding services are Land, sea, rail and air freight services, warehousing, domestic and foreign customs clearance and transit of goods and documents are the company’s services. provided by trusted and specialist partner companies, whereby your desired goods, including containers, bulk light and heavy machinery and other items, will be delivered to the intended destination.

This post is also available in: Persian